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Professional Consultants and Clinicians is an association of established mental health therapists interested in offering quality services to individuals and families in Southwest Michigan.

We are private, independent, licensed therapists in the Kalamazoo area who provide ethical, compassionate couseling to families, couples, adults, teenagers and children.

When you want to solve a personal, couple, or family problem, PCC can help you make an informed choice.

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Summer Plans for Your Tweens and Teens

As school winds down, the summer comes rapidly upon us. For many parents, the question of what to do with your young tween or teen who tells you he or she just hopes "to relax" all summer and "do whatever I want" becomes a bit of a conundrum.

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PCC is committed to helping you find the mental health services that you need. If you have unanswered questions after browsing our site, simply call any PCC therapist, and they’ll be happy to talk to you.


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