Choising a Method of Payment

PCC therapists will work with you whether you have insurance you are happy with, have insurance that imposes limitations, or have no insurance.

Q. What if I have insurance I am happy with?

A. Not all therapists are covered by all third-party payers. If you wish to use your insurance, it is important to determine the parameters within which your payer makes its decisions and/or to obtain a list of providers your payer has agreed to reimburse. Then consult our member directory, select possible therapists, and interview them.

Q. If I have insurance, are there reasons why I might not choose to use it?

A. Insurance plans often limit whom you can select as a therapist, what kind of treatment you may receive, how many sessions you may have, what goals you may work toward in your treatment, and how long the treatment can last.

When you use insurance benefits, information about your diagnosis and dates of service must be shared with your insurance company to secure reimbursement. In some cases your therapist must discuss your treatment plan and share information about your history to get authorization of sessions. In these situations, privacy is difficult to maintain.

Q. What if I have no insurance or choose not to use my insurance?

A. It is important that you discuss this with a possible therapist before you begin therapy. PCC therapists differ in the options they offer.

Q. What are some of the options PCC therapists might offer?

A. Payment plans may include negotiated fees and varied payment schedules.


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